Discovery Travel Insurance

Discovery travel insurance

To participate in any of our trips, you must have travel insurance. Please keep in mind that all clients must have medical insurance and that we require a minimum of USD 200,000 in coverage for repatriation and emergency rescue while choosing a travel insurance policy. We strongly advise adding personal liability, trip cancellation and lost luggage coverage to the policy.


Our long-standing relationship with Oojah Travel Protection (underwritten by Hollard Insurance), which offered travel insurance to holders of Discovery Cards and Gold and Platinum cards from Discovery Bank, has come to an end. We’re pleased to announce that Discovery Insure Ltd will now be providing free overseas travel insurance for these cardholders, adding value for customers.

New and improved advantages

We’ve developed a better experience with fascinating new advantages:

  • expanded restrictions on medical emergency.
  • the inclusion of users of debit cards.
  • Increased age restrictions to cover patients up to the age of 80 in case of emergencies.
  • The age restriction for personal accident insurance is zero.

How it works

Customers with active accounts* are entitled to complimentary international travel insurance coverage.

When a customer purchases an international flight in South Africa using a Discovery Bank card, including the prior Discovery Card, or Discovery Miles, Discovery Insure will activate the travel insurance coverage. Customers don’t need to get in touch with us to request a policy because Discovery Insure will send one to them automatically when they purchase an overseas flight ticket.


Medical Insurance

In the absence of coverage through the foreign travel benefit of Discovery Health Medical Scheme, the enhanced travel insurance provides coverage for emergency medical and non-medical costs outside of South Africa for 90 days following the date of departure. Coverage expires 90 days following the client’s departure date from South Africa or upon the client’s return, whichever occurs first.

Important information to note

To discuss the terms and conditions of the cover, Discovery Insure may get in touch with qualified clients. For owners of Discovery Bank Black or Purple credit cards, the terms and conditions for travel insurance as well as the policy documentation are all accessible on the Visa website.

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We occasionally may need to exchange pertinent personal information with Visa and Discovery Insure in order to activate coverage as a result of our continuous agreements to get free travel insurance for customers.

Each party pledges to keep the client’s personal information private and to use it exclusively to administer their travel insurance.

Before traveling, customers must study the terms and conditions of their travel insurance. They will learn more about the advantages, value of the cover, and comprehensive travel insurance regulations as a result.


Contact information that is crucial

Please use the following contact information for assistance with Discovery Insure travel insurance (ticket purchase date beginning 1 August 2021).

  • When outside of South Africa, dial 0860 878 233 or +27 11 292 8701 for emergency claims.


  • The ideal option is single trip insurance if you don’t anticipate taking many trips and want coverage for just one trip lasting up to 365 days.
  • Wherever your travels take you, Annual Multi-Trip Protection covers all of your international excursions throughout a calendar year.
  • For individuals who are going on a long trip or traveling around the globe, there is Backpacker/Long Stay Cover.
  • Use of Winter Sports Cover You need the proper protection on the slopes whether you’re a seasoned skier or a total beginner. If you are hurt, you will receive prompt emergency care and, if necessary, be transported safely home
  • .Sports & Activities Cover will help you get the most out of your trip. Because of this, such a curriculum includes a lot of sports and leisure activities by default.
  • When the cutting-edge online medical screening allows you to declare your illness swiftly and privately without having to contact, pre-existing medical conditions cover is applied.
  • When you travel for business, the Business Traveler Cover safeguards your laptop or iPad, giving you additional peace of mind.
  • For total protection, consider the Luxury Protection Cover, which includes the rental of sporting equipment, full medical coverage, and cancellation for business-related reasons as standard features.
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Traveling frequently entails running into the unexpected, from the annoying to a genuine emergency. For the problems of modern travel and to help you unwind and enjoy your trip, insurance companies provide affordable travel protection policies together with 24-Hour travel assistance & concierge services.

To feel more secure on your trip, take into account these reasons to get a plan before leaving.

Offers some mental tranquility

A wide selection of plan advantages will help you get back on track and discover the peace of mind your trip deserves, whether you lose your job, a hurricane hits where you are going, or your airline goes bankrupt.

Credit Card Failures

You might not be protected by your credit card in the event of a trip cancellation, travel delay, or need for emergency medical care abroad. Always do your research to make sure you’re properly protected because these plans typically have very limited benefits.

Travel Expenses

You put a lot of effort into saving up the cash and time for your trip. Unfortunately, no amount of planning can prepare you for life’s unexpected twists and turns if you have to postpone or interrupt your vacation due to a covered reason. A protection plan you buy will ensure that you don’t leave empty-handed.

Medical Costs

Make sure you have medical emergency coverage in case you need to visit a doctor while traveling. When you travel outside of your nation of residency, your personal medical insurance policy might only provide a little amount of coverage or none at all. Additionally, the plan may have deductibles or lower coverage if an out-of-network physician is used. Insurance policies offer First Payer Coverage with no deductible for quick claims processing, less time and fuss to get paid for qualifying losses from us first, and for uncomplicated claims handling. You might be able to get money back from your health or other collectible insurance programs.

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Transport in Case of Emergency

Insurance companies are concerned about your health and safety. In the event that an emergency medical evacuation is required, they will take you to the closest suited hospital for treatment. In the event that you end up in the hospital, further perks include the transportation of a guest of your choice to stay with you or to transfer any visiting children back home.

Personal Property

Without a bathing suit, a vacation to the beach isn’t much fun. Some travel arrangements go above and above in the event that your luggage is delayed or lost; they not only reimburse you for items that were lost, stolen, or damaged, but also pay for the essentials you bought while traveling in order to keep the good times rolling until your luggage was found.

Concierge & Travel Assistance Services

Don’t ignore this important aspect of each and every insurance plan. Call the toll-free hotline, which is available around-the-clock, before leaving if you need help or guidance with organizing your trip, including obtaining concert tickets, meal reservations, or tee times for golf. You can access a number of travel services while you’re traveling, including medical emergency assistance and lost baggage retrieval, with just one toll-free call.


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