Matrix Insurance Brokers

Matrix Insurance Brokers

Matrix Insurance Brokers a company located in Athens, Greece that offers insurance and reinsurance services. The firm provides multi-line insurance and re-insurance services, specialized in significant corporate and industrial risks, enabling its customers to protect themselves against unforeseen disasters.

Greetings from the Matrix Insurance Group!

Brokers of insurance in Perth, Western Australia

As a premier insurance broker in Western Australia, Matrix Insurance Brokers Perth provides insurance options for small- to medium-sized enterprises around the nation and in the state of WA. We have access to over 120 different insurers and underwriters as a reputed insurance broker in Perth, giving our customers additional options and enabling us to place troubled or atypical companies where others can’t. We provide a personalized service based on trust and respect because we actually care about our customers. We care about you and your company, which is why Matrix Insurance Brokers Perth is the top broker.

Greek broker MATRIX is now a member of the Howden group of brokers for insurance and reinsurance.

The organization Howden Broking Group has formally welcomed MATRIX Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers.

Howden logoMATRIX was established in 2003, and in 2012 it joined Lloyd’s as a broker. In Greece and Cyprus, it is the top re/insurance broker for significant corporate and industrial risks.

This news follows a strategic alliance between the two brokers from the previous year, in which Howden assisted MATRIX in completing the purchase of Piraeus Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers S.A., the broking division of Piraeus Bank, the biggest bank in Greece.

The company, which later in the year will change its name to Howden Matrix, will still be run by Dimitris Tsesmetzoglou as CEO.

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Danny Sever, the CEO, has been added to the MATRIX board together with Isabelle Cadignan, the Commercial Director for Howden Broking Group, and Daniel Whiteside, the Head of Marine for RKH Specialty. The company will be part of Howden’s Mediterranean area.

Fieldfisher, a European law firm, assisted MATRIX in the negotiation of the investment after advising the business on setting up its first finance agreement with Hyperion in 2019.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for both organizations and above all, for our customers,” said José Manuel González, CEO of Howden. By partnering with MATRIX, the top independent broker in Greece and Cyprus, we can better fulfill our commitment to our customers to provide market-leading knowledge wherever it is required.

“This is the result of a long-standing connection between our companies, and confirms our committment to this vital area,” said Danny Sever, CEO of the Howden Mediterranean region, in welcoming MATRIX.

“Joining the Howden family presents a big potential for our customers in terms of international knowledge, financial strength, and access to worldwide markets,” remarked Gerry Tighe, Director of MATRIX. Howden’s concept is also comparable to ours in that we see all of our stakeholders as family.

“Completing this merger in the present circumstances is evidence to the same goals, values, and dedication of our two firms, as well as an atmosphere of stability and economic development, which a new administration has built in Greece,” noted Dimitrios Tsesmetzoglou, CEO of MATRIX. We are eager to work together to improve the services we provide to current customers and to go ahead with a stronger overall offering.

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Matrix Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers: Sequel Eclipse enters a contract with Matrix Insurance Brokers.

Matrix Insurance Brokers has selected Sequel Eclipse Broking, the industry-leading insurance and reinsurance software expert, to assist the expansion of the business. Matrix will be using a brand-new version of Eclipse Broking that has been specially crafted to fulfill the technological requirements of the community of SME brokers.

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