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bcu credit card

BCU Credit Card – In this article we have reviewed the two major BCU credit cards; the BCU classic credit card and the BCU rewards credit card.

Banana farmers had a difficult time getting loans from traditional banks back then. As a result, a group of people founded bcu – or, to give the organisation its full name, the Bananacoast Community Credit Union Ltd – to collaborate on a solution.

They began by pooling their resources to provide business loans to coworkers. The company, on the other hand, quickly expanded. bcu became a million-dollar credit union after only seven years in operation.

bcu is now a multi-billion-dollar credit union with branches from Port Macquarie to the Sunshine Coast. BCU still retains the same ideal, offering everything from credit cards to house loans to insurance and savings accounts. To give its customers a fair chance.

Is BCU Credit Card for You?

BCU, as a credit union, could be a fantastic option for those looking to get more out of their banking. Big banks can be faceless, and their products and services are frequently more expensive than those offered by credit unions like bcu.

Credit unions are able to offer reduced interest rates on loans and credit cards, as well as lower fees for using their services. Credit unions frequently brag about how much more they give back to their members. Credit unions, unlike corporate banks, are administered for the interest of their members, not for the benefit of their stockholders.

What Credit Cards do BCU Offer?

Want a low-cost credit card that makes spending as simple as pie? A bcu credit card with a low interest rate could be just what you need. This card will help you keep costs down by having a low annual fee and interest rate, even if you tend to carry a debt from month to month.

BCU offers two major credit cards with great features. The classic credit card and the rewards credit card.

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BCU Classic Credit Card – Low fee credit card

If you’re looking for a credit card that only provides the essentials, the bcu Classic might be right for you. It has a low interest rate of 11.80% p.a. on purchases and 14.80% p.a. on cash advances, as well as a low annual fee of $45 and global access through the Visa network.bcu classic credit card

Key Features

The bcu is a traditional no-frills credit card, as its name suggests. If you carry a balance on your card on occasion, you won’t have to pay exorbitant interest thanks to the low 11.80 percent p.a. interest rate.

The card offers a regular 55-day interest-free period, which is great news, but you must pay off your debt in full each month to qualify.

You may use the card to make transactions in Australia and throughout the world, and it is chip-enabled, so you can just ‘tap and go’ for purchases under $100. Any purchases beyond this amount will require you to use your pin.

A 3.65% foreign currency margin will be charged to any international purchases in Australian dollars. This covers purchases made on the internet from international retailers.

BCU Rewards Credit Card

Tired of sifting through catalogues of rewards programmes in search of something you genuinely desire, only to end up with yet another toaster? If that’s the case, the bcu rewards card is for you. This card converts your points into cash, which you can use wherever and whenever you want. What more could you want? It’s also a low-cost rewards card alternative.bcu rewards credit card

Key Features

Earn Points: Visa offers 1 point for every dollar spent, up to 75760 points every year.

Rewards scheme: For every qualified dollar spent, you’ll get 0.66 percent Cash Back. At the conclusion of each month, your Cash Back Rewards are deposited into a BCU Rewards Savings Account.

BCU Credit Card FAQs

With a bcu credit card, how many interest-free days will I get?

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You’ll get an interest-free period of up to 55 days to pay off your balance before being charged interest, regardless of which bcu credit card you use. It’s important to note that we mentioned “up to 55 days” since your interest-free period begins when your statement cycle begins, not when you make the transaction. So, if you go shopping midway through your statement period, your balance will start accruing interest in less than 55 days.

What fees will be charged?

An annual charge, as well as a cash advance and a foreign exchange cost, are all included with your bcu credit card. As with any other credit card, you should keep a watch out for late penalties.

Can I use my card for balance transfer?

No, you won’t be able to. So, if you’re looking for a balance transfer credit card to help you manage your credit card debt, have a look at our comparison of balance transfer credit cards to see all of your possibilities.

Can I use payWave with BCU Credit card?

Yep! PayWave is a VISA programme that allows you to touch your card to pay for items under $100, making shopping simple and quick. Because your bcu credit card is part of the VISA network, you can use payWave with it.

Can I use the BCU credit card when traveling abroad?

Another advantage of having your bcu credit card on the VISA network is that you can use it wherever that VISA is accepted.

However, keep in mind that foreign exchange expenses should be factored into your vacation plans. Alternatively, you can use a prepaid travel card to know exactly how much foreign currency you’re getting for your Australian dollar throughout your trip.

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What rewards options is offered by the bcu rewards card?

If you’ve looked through the catalogues of other rewards programmes and found nothing you truly want or need, the bcu rewards card is a terrific alternative: points are instantly converted to money and credited to your card. That means you can use them to buy anything you want at any retail business.

The only catch is that, while your points function similarly to cashback, you can’t turn them into cold, hard cash by going to an ATM. They must be deducted from your credit card directly.

How do I protect my card against fraud?

While credit card theft is something to be careful of, thanks to banks’ tight security and 24-hour fraud monitoring programmes, your money is often protected. Even so, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of your credit card transactions. Here are some of our most important credit card safety recommendations:

• Look over your monthly statement for any strange transactions or payments you don’t recall making. This could indicate credit card fraud.

• Keep your card visible at all times. When you use your credit card to shop, ensure sure it’s visible at all times and that cashiers aren’t taking it into other rooms or behind their desks.

• Avoid using ATMs that appear to be tampered with or destroyed. They could have been tampered with to facilitate a scam.

• Set a PIN that you’ll remember without having to write it down. If you write down your PIN number and keep it in your wallet, it may be considered contributing to the loss in the event of credit card fraud, and you may not be able to recover your funds.

Have you used any of the BCU credit cards before? Tell us your experience in the comments section.

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