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INF premier insurance

About INF premier insurance

INF Premier is a restricted travel medical insurance program that offers pre-determined sums for medical coverage and emergency services to foreign visitors to the United States for their travels and short-term stays abroad. There are options for coverage periods ranging from 90 to 364 days.

INF Premier International Visitor Accident & Sickness Insurance (IVAS) exactly what it sounds like.

One of the INF’s premier insurance offerings for travelers visiting the US, Canada, and Mexico is the Premier IVAS Plan.

Only non-US citizens who purchase the INF Premier IVAS Plan are eligible to do so.

With no waiting time for benefits, the INF Premier IVAS Plan covers pre-existing conditions as described in the plan, subject to the policy’s restrictions, exclusions, and maximums.

An sickness, disease, or other condition that the covered person had in the 12 months before to the policy’s effective date of coverage for the covered person is referred to as a pre-existing condition. 1. required taking prescribed drugs or medicines, unless the condition for which the prescribed drug or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription; 2. was treated by a doctor or treatment had been recommended by a doctor; or 3. first manifested itself, worsened, became acute, or displayed symptoms that would have caused a person to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment.

This implies that qualified costs for outpatient, specialist, urgent care, and inpatient treatments, as outlined in the plan, are covered for both new illnesses & accidents and pre-existing conditions. Up to the plan limitations and benefit maximums, coverage is offered for typical and customary charges for incurred medically required covered expenditures once the deductible has been met. You may be able to use direct billing with your provider.

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The INF Premier IVAS program offers qualified Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefits, Repatriation of Remains Benefits, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits in addition to accident and illness benefits.

When bought before to the commencement of your journey, this plan is accessible to non-US citizens aged 0-99 going to the US, Canada, or Mexico for at least 90 days and no more than 364 days, which is the Maximum Period of Coverage. Online enrollment is available.

Crum & Forster, SPC is responsible for underwriting the insurance part of the INF Premier IVAS Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about the INF Premier Plan 

Who may participate in INF Premier?

INF Premier applications are open to all non-US citizens. This includes those with Green Cards, H-1B visas, permanent residences, students on F1 or F1 visas, and anyone with OTP. The age range covered by this strategy is 0 to 99. Travel to either the US or Canada is permitted with the INF Premier Plan.

The start and end dates of the trip insurance.

The most comprehensive travel insurance coverage will begin when your journey really begins, including any layovers along the way, and will finish when you get back in your place of permanent residency. 

Should my spouse be listed as a dependent?

If your spouse qualifies for the same kind of coverage and is traveling with you, they can be added as a dependant.

Does the number of pre-existing conditions have a cap?

Yes, there may be up to $60,000 maximum for the Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Benefit with a $75 or $250 deductible for age 0-69 and $25,000 maximum for the Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Benefit with a $250 or $500 deductible for age 70-99 if you have a condition, received any medication, or received any treatment in the last 12-months before your coverage began and you need medical treatment during your trip. 

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What makes the INF Premier Plan worthwhile?

Visitors visiting the US may get insurance via the INF Premier plan. While you are traveling, the travel insurance is intended to cover your medical costs for accidents and illnesses, as well as for accidental death and dismemberment, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation of remains.

What geographical region is included in the INF Premier plan?

Your journey to the US, Canada, and/or Mexico is covered by the INF Premier. Please consult your policy if you want further details. 

Who writes the most prestigious travel insurance policy?

The plan’s underwriter is ACE American Insurance Company, one of the Chubb Group of enterprises. INF exclusively works with underwriting firms headquartered in the United States to safeguard policyholders.

How long a must the coverage last?

Once you’ve paid for the insurance, you’ll be protected beginning on the first day of your vacation, which may last up to 364 days and must be at least 90 days long.

Are the premiums for the top travel insurance plan prorated?

Yes. For instance, if you apply for 1 month and 5 days, you pay for just that. Nothing more or less. Rates are prorated according to a 30-day calendar and are based on that.

What is the cost of this Plan?

Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express are all accepted as forms of payment.

The top-tier travel insurance plan may be renewed.

After the first coverage term, you may renew the top travel insurance plan for any length of time. We notify you through email, text, and phone call one week and one day before to the policy’s expiry.

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How can I submit an application for the top travel insurance plan?

You may apply for this plan via our online application, which is accessible right now. Alternatively, you may call us at 408-540-3601 and we will walk you through the application over the phone.

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