Mark Whitesides Insurance

Mark Whitesides Insurance
Mark Whitesides Insurance

Mark Whitesides Insurance: The coveted Chartered Financial Planner certification has been given to Mark, who has 26 years of expertise in the financial services sector, both domestically and abroad, by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Corporate banking and trade finance in Asia and the Middle East are among Mark’s prior experiences. He also has a degree in accounting and finance.



Mark takes pleasure in building lasting connections with his customers and serving as a reliable source of counsel as their financial requirements change over time.

Mark has met demanding standards for professional training and moral behavior in order to become a Chartered Financial Planner. It implies that Mark’s clients—individuals or businesses—can feel secure knowing that they are working with one of the UK’s top advisors who is fully devoted to giving them the greatest guidance, assistance, and service.

The secret to establishing a successful long-term relationship, in Mark’s opinion, is taking the time to get to know each of his customers, their particular situations, and their financial and life objectives. In order to provide complete wealth management solutions that are tailored to the requirements of each client, he draws on his broad knowledge and passion in finance.

When he can, Mark likes scuba diving, skiing, walking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. He holds advanced open water certification from PADI and has had the good fortune to dive extensively all over the globe, with a focus on Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, and the Galápagos Islands. He also worked on a conservation project for three months in Honduras, surveying coral reefs.

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Mark also helps environmental groups when he can and has participated in several fundraising walks and bike rides in the UK and France. Additionally, he has been a patient fan of Birmingham City Football Club.

How to Select a Broker

Here, at the National Insurance For Insurance Commissioners, we discovered some great guidance. We slightly altered it.

Choose an Agent

It’s a good idea to have a few options, whether you’re searching for your first agent or considering changing agencies or businesses. Think over the following factors while assessing your list: 



Have a discussion with potential agents. Describe your circumstance and request a quotation. Just because you asked doesn’t mean you have to cooperate. You may use this opportunity to learn more about how they operate and determine if you feel at ease using them.


On their business cards, many agents and brokers will have letters behind their names. These show the titles or certificates they have obtained from different insurance organizations or organizations. Find out from them what these letters indicate and what they had to do to get the qualification.


Verify that the agent and the business writing your policy are both licensed to do business in your state. By phoning your state’s insurance agency or using the NAIC Consumer Information Source (CIS) website, you may verify a company’s license status. You may find their contact information at


Check to see if there have been any complaints made against the agent and the business when you are confirming their licensing. You may check the NAIC’s CIS for the firm or contact your state’s insurance agency. You may see whether the agent has been the subject of any complaints from the insurance authority. You may also inquire with the Better Business Bureau to discover if any clients have expressed concerns or praise about the agents you’re thinking about.

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Financial Stability of the Organization

You should look at a company’s financial grade while assessing it. There are five significant rating agencies. Each has its own evaluation system that evaluates the business using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data. A letter grade from A to F is often given to the firm. Make sure you check the rating agency’s evaluation of the firm and are familiar with the rating methodology.


Don’t be hesitant to ask a potential agent for references in the same way that you would when looking for a job. 

Pose inquiries

If you’ve experienced or heard of a particularly noteworthy insurance encounter, ask the agent how they and the firm they work for would have handled it.

When Unsure

Contact your state’s insurance department if you’re unsure of the right questions to ask or would want further advice on how to assess a prospective agent.

How to Prepare

What should you anticipate when you visit the office to get coverage now that you have a limited list of prospective agents?

Responses to Your Queries

This is the opportunity to raise any queries you may have about the quotation or the coverage you need. If the representative is unable to provide an answer, they should offer to look into it. Prior to your purchase, an agent should never ignore a query.

Company Justification

Ask the agent why they choose on that particular provider if they don’t inform you about it or explain why it offers the greatest coverage for you.

Sincere Sales

You shouldn’t feel compelled to choose a representative, a business, or a quotation. A deal that appears too good to be true usually is.

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