Ascentium Insurance Solutions

Ascentium Insurance Solutions

Ascentium Insurance Solutions is a wealth-building and risk-management company. In other words, we can both assist you in achieving and maintaining financial independence.

Whatever success means to you—whether it’s a company concept, upholding family values, or recovering a traumatic event—Ascentium is the perfect partner, offering realistic counsel that promotes success and restores control over your professional and personal lives.

Our name has a purpose. Whatever our goal, we always try to be the greatest version of ourselves.

Whatever the objectives of your practice are, Ascentium Insurance Solutions can support you in growing both your clientele and your company.

Ascentium was created with the express purpose of assisting licensed agents and financial services professionals in marketing and providing Medicare-related goods and services. But we also go a step further by partnering with our strategic partner, Gradient Financial Group, to generate leads for your financial services division.

It is crucial to maintain compliance and relevance at a time when seniors have access to almost limitless amounts of information via prospecting, continuing training, and high-quality processes and procedures.

All the while, we link you to the neighborhood, regional, and national carriers that older citizens want.

Are direct lenders Ascentium Capital?

Yes, Ascentium Capital provides its own funding for deals. Additionally, we could collaborate with other financial sources to authorize your transactions or provide unique financing options.

What potential tax advantages exist?

For companies that are eligible and desire to use Section 179, non-tax leases like $1 Buyouts, Purchase Upon Termination Contracts (PUT), and Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA) may be appealing (accelerated depreciation). Your monthly payments can also be deductible in part. Since rent payments are normally deductible, true leases like Fair Market Value (FMV) leases may cause a reduction in your taxable income. Since each company’s position is different, speak with your tax expert for further information and the precise effect on your firm.

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Whenever is insurance necessary?

You’ll get a letter and an email clarifying the requirements if insurance is needed throughout the contract duration. Additionally, we give automatic insurance, which means that if you don’t provide your own, Ascentium Capital’s insurance will cover the equipment.

What happens to the equipment after the contract expires?

When the $1 Buyout or PUT Lease is fully paid when the lease expires, you become the owner of the equipment. You own the equipment for property funded by an EFA or Installment Payment Agreement, and Ascentium will remove the lien upon complete payment of the contract. When the term for a genuine lease with an FMV buy option expires and you are not in default, you have the choice of either purchasing the equipment for its then-current fair market value or returning it in line with the return clause. In the case of rental agreements, the equipment is leased, and at the conclusion of the period, you have the option of keeping it or returning it.


Approximately how many people work at Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

There are 3 workers at Ascentium Insurance Solutions.

What is the official website of Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

The official website of Ascentium Insurance Solutions is

What is the official website of Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

The official website of Ascentium Insurance Solutions is located at

What is the revenue of Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

Revenue for Ascentium Insurance Solutions ranges from 0 to 1M.

What is the NAICS code for Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

The NAICS code for Ascentium Insurance Solutions is 523110.

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What sector does Ascentium Insurance Solutions operate in?

In the financial services sector, Ascentium Insurance Solutions operates.

Who is the Director of Contracting, Licensing, and On-Boarding at Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

Krista Anderson is the Director of Contracting, Licensing, and On-Boarding at Ascentium Insurance Solutions.

Who is the Director of Marketing at Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

Erik Pace serves as the company’s director of marketing.

Who is the operations manager at Ascentium Insurance Solutions?

Ariel Magistad is the operations manager of Ascentium Insurance Solutions.

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