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a linked home insurance service called Neos Neos’ home technology, which includes cameras, motion detectors, and smoke detectors, is intended to stop damage that might trigger a house insurance claim. It notifies homeowners of an intruder, leak, or fire and contacts the 24 hour monitoring team to dispatch the proper tradesmen.

Who is Neos Insurance’s owner?



A subsidiary of one of the biggest insurers in the world, Pacific Life Re, reinsures NEOS life insurance products, which are issued by NobleOak, one of Australia’s oldest insurers.

What is favoured by Neos?

Yes, when the insured individual satisfies the following requirements, a 7.5% premium reduction will be applied to our lump sum covers (Life Cover, TPD Cover, and Critical Illness Cover): Non-smoker > 3 years, BMI 28.5, and no loadings or exclusions.

Where is the headquarters of Neos?

The Neos narrative We are a rapidly expanding, award-winning IT firm with offices in London and Brighton.


What makes Neo Matrix unique?

Since his inception, Neo has carried the Prime Program, which is the Matrix’s source code. This grants him the freedom to freely alter the Matrix’s virtual world, much as a system administrator has control over a particular system. He uses these skills to acquire different superhuman abilities.

fresh home insurance company Neos employs Frank.

For the smart home insurance startup Neos, which recently secured more than £1 million in capital from investors including former footballer Gary Lineker and Richard King, founder of vehicle insurance company Ingenie, Frank has been appointed as the UK PR agency.

Neos provides smart sensor-based technology via its app that can detect and help stop fire, theft, and leakage while also sending real-time alerts to smartphones.

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Frank has been given instructions to assist promote the Neos name and home insurance philosophy.

A strategic alliance between Zoopla Property Group (ZPG), the company behind the brands Zoopla, uSwitch, and PrimeLocation, and Neos was also recently forged.

“PR is a vital tool in taking our linked insurance solution into the mainstream, and we’re happy to have an agency on board that understands our goal, while also offering the creative solutions we need to accomplish them,” said Gavin Conway, CMO at Neos.

“Neos represents an exciting and disruptive transformation inside the house insurance sector,” said Andrew Bloch, founder and group MD of Frank. We are eager to get started since the special service presents an intriguing communications challenge.

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Neos expands its line of house insurance

Neos, a British supplier of smart home insurance, has updated its offering. The company was founded by co-founder and chief executive Matt Poll in response to his irritation with the limits in conventional policies

Neos is launching a new lineup of insurance plans that include a variety of Wi-Fi-connected technologies, including leak detection and home monitoring. It contains LeakBot, Roost Leak Sensor, Neos SmartCam, a security camera that can be accessed through an app, and Roost Smart Smoke Alarm Battery. Through the Neos app, the latter turns conventional smoke alarms into smart alarms, while the other Roost gadget recognizes pipe issues like freezing and dampness. LeakBot, on the other hand, continuously scans the whole house for seepages and busted pipes.

In the words of Poll, “We’re very thrilled to deliver the newest version of our smart home insurance to UK customers. “Our newest tech packages get us closer to offering clients a revitalizingly smarter approach to take care of their homes.

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“The core of what we do is early detection. By assisting in the prevention of occurrences in the home, our clients spend less time filing claims and more time feeling secure in the knowledge that their house is being taken care of.

Neos was marketed as “a entirely new sort of product with prevention at its heart” and claimed to be assisted by smart connected home technologies when it was first presented.

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