Sharon Fu Therapist Insurance

Sharon Fu Therapist Insurance
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Sharon Fu Therapist Insurance: Who doesn’t need counseling? Therapy is distinct; it actually differs from any kind of connection. It is a secure environment where you are free to be who you really are. You are allowed to express things that you have been holding back in the therapeutic relationship, you are given the chance to see your blind spots without feeling judged or ashamed, and you are able to tune in to what you truly want out of life. I really believe in finding your own voice, reflecting on your principles, and making choices that are in line with your priorities.

My manner is kind, sincere, and considerate. My main goal is to pinpoint your challenges and support you in overcoming them by working together to find solutions and developing effective coping mechanisms. I have 16 years of experience working in residential, community, and hospital settings related to mental health. I have had official training in dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing, which are all methods for treating a wide range of complicated life issues.

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“There is a garden somewhere beyond right and wrong. There, I shall meet you. – Rumi 

Family Service Agency mental health counselor Sharon Fu


I’ve spent more than 13 years working in the mental health profession. My involvement with mental health started in 2001 in a residential facility run by the Progress Foundation in San Francisco. Initially, I worked as a relief counselor at agencies whose programs specialized to a variety of ethnic needs, such as those of mothers and children, Asians, elderly adults, and chronically mentally ill people. In my role as a relief counselor, I was on the front lines, assisting clients in managing crises, addressing mental health symptoms, and minimizing the damage caused by drug use.

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Because my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was 26 years old, I was all too acquainted with mental illness. My mother was a new immigrant to the country and lacked main support, English language proficiency, and access to services. She was the “non-treatment compliant client,” unaware of her mental condition, who was admitted and discharged from inpatient institutions on a regular basis. She suffered from persistent symptoms, making parenting her two small girls all but difficult. I could relate to the Progress Foundation’s clients because I was all too aware of how difficult it can be to live a fulfilling life when mental illness goes undiagnosed and untreated.

I had a particular goal at the start of my profession to help people and families overcome the stigma of mental illness, to reach out to young children in despair, and to help low-income, immigrants receive support since the “mental health system” had helped my mother recover. I had no idea back then that over my 13 years working in settings based in the community, I would have the opportunity to observe, get formal education, and receive training in evidence-based approaches to assist people with a range of complicated psychosocial presentations. My own purpose has obviously changed.

The job is gratifying and demanding, as we therapists are well aware, and all I can say about that is that I really enjoy what I do.

Marriage and family therapist: Sharon Fu


Therapist for marriage and families:

The importance of family ties is emphasized in marriage and family therapy, a kind of mental health treatment. Marriage and family therapists assist patients with a variety of mental health problems as well as difficulties relating to their marriages, families, careers, and personal lives. They could view customers on the basis of a family, a couple, or an individual. The demands of the spouse or family will be quite precise in the counseling strategy. It’s crucial to communicate openly with the LMFT.

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Is telehealth a service that Sharon Fu provides?

Whether Sharon Fu provides telehealth services is yet unknown. To learn whether Sharon Fu provides telehealth services, kindly get in touch with her.

Accepting insurance is Sharon Fu?

As of now, Sharon Fu has not disclosed the insurance plans she accepts. To confirm eligibility, please get in touch with Sharon Fu. 

Are new patients accepted by Sharon Fu?

If Sharon Fu is taking on new patients has not yet been made known. To find out whether Sharon Fu is taking on new patients, please get in touch with her. 

How would the public assess Sharon Fu?

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