Elastic Loan Login, Reviews, and Fees (2022)

elastic loan login

This article is about Elastic loan login. How to login easily to your elastic loan account. We have also discussed a brief review of elastic loan.

Elevate Credit is a direct lender situated in Ft. Worth, Texas, that offers an Elastic Line of Credit. Republic Bank & Trust Company has partnered with us to make this happen. The Elastic Line of Credit is accessible in 39 states (and Washington, DC).

Elastic loan is a convenient method to get cash when you need it. You can access money whenever you need it once your Elastic Account is open and activated. You may apply for Cash Advances online with Elastic loan Login.

They will first deduct the Cash Advance Fee from the amount of the Cash Advance you request, then send you only the Elastic Cash amount in your Checking Account or by mail, depending on how you wish to pay. You can request additional Cash Advances up to your Credit Limit as you repay your Balance.

Features of Elastic Loan Login

Credit Limit

You will be given a credit limit of $500 to $4,500 if you are approved.


It is easy to make payments with Elastic loan. By your Payment Due Date, you must have made at least the Required Payment. A part of your Balance, any Carried Balance Fees, and any Past Due Amounts are all included in your Required Payment Due.
You are free to pay your balance in full at any time. Elastic loan login accepts partial payments as well. Please see paragraph 13 of the Terms and Conditions for further information on your payment alternatives.

Cooling-Off Period

A Cooling-Off Period is part of Elastic loan login commitment to responsible financing. Your account will not be subject to the Cooling-Off Period if you use your credit sensibly and pay off any balance in fewer than 10 months.

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Your Elastic loan Account will enter the Cooling-Off Period if there is a balance on your account for 10 months in a row. During the cooling-off period, you will not be able to request Cash Advances. When you pay your whole balance and keep your balance at or below $0.00 for 20 consecutive calendar days, the Cooling-Off Period expires. Once the Cooling-Off Period is over, you will be able to request fresh Cash Advances again.

It may take up to 5 Business Days after the 20-day period has expired for you to be able to request a Cash Advance again.

Elastic Loan Login Fees and Charges

Unlike typical credit products, your Elastic Account does not have an interest rate. Instead, depending on your Billing Cycle, you pay a Cash Advance Fee of 5% or 10% for each Cash Advance you request.1

We recognize that paying off your balance may take more than one Billing Cycle. You must pay a portion of your Balance each Billing Cycle if you prefer to pay your Balance over time. You will also be charged a Carried Balance Fee ranging from $5 to $350 for each Billing Cycle in which you have a Carried Balance of more than $10.

How to Reduce Cost

To save money on fees, borrow only what you need and pay it back as quickly as possible. It could take up to ten months to repay your balance if you simply make the Required Payment. To lower your borrowing costs, we encourage you to pay more than the Required Payment.

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Elastic Loan Login – How to login to your Account

Elastic loan login is quite easy and straightforward. Just follow these steps;

  1. Click this link to visit the official direct login page of elastic loan login
  2. Enter your username (email address) and password
  3. Click login

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the application process?

You will be requested to give a valid email address and consent to receive electronic disclosures during the application process. They’ll need personal information from you, such as your address, income, and checking account number. They’ll also check your identity, which may involve confirming that you have an active checking account.

Do you check my credit during the application process?

Yes. They will receive your credit reporting information from multiple third-party data providers as part of our credit underwriting process in order to determine your eligibility for an Elastic Account.

Why do you need to confirm my active Checking Account?

Elastic loan login may need to authenticate your active Checking Account as part of our identity and credit verification processes. This might include securely connecting to your bank through Decision Logic, an Elastic partner. They can verify the account information you provided and make a decision on the status of your application more quickly if you give us access to your checking account.

They do not keep your Checking Account information as part of this verification procedure, ensuring that your information is safe.

Can I apply over the phone?

They do not accept applications over the phone in order to protect your identity. Elastic.com, on the other hand, has a quick and simple application process. In fact, applying and learning if you qualify for a $500 to $4,500 line of credit takes only a few minutes!

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What are my payment options?

You are free to pay off your balance in full at any time. We accept partial payments as well. Payments can be made using the following methods: AutoPay, one-time electronic payment, debit card payment, payment by checking account, or payment by mail using a personal check, certified check, or money order at any time.

How can I change my Payment Due Date or Billing Cycle?

Please contact Elastic loan login Customer Support at (888) 225-0080 or support@elastic.com to seek a change to your Payment Due Date or Billing Cycle. Eligibility conditions apply to all requests. Within 2 Business Days, they will send an email to the email address indicated in your Elastic Account informing you of the status of your request, including any requests for further information that may be required.

Your Cash Advance Fee, Carried Balance Fee, and Required Payment will change if your Billing Cycle changes from Bi-weekly or Semi-monthly to Monthly, or from Monthly to Bi-weekly or Semi-monthly.

How do I contact customer support?

Elastic loan customer care details
P: (888)225-0080
F: (866)766-8160


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