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Our title loan calculator calculates title loan charges in real-time and displays a detailed payment schedule. Instead of just providing an approximate estimate of what your car is worth, this lets you know how much a specific loan will cost.

For any title loan amount, use the auto title loan calculator to get a real-time estimate and full payment schedule. You can also compare various interest rates and loan terms, as well as the estimated details of how each payment is divided.

Before applying, knowing the expected loan cost, the amount you can borrow, and the payment schedule will provide you with the information you need to determine whether or not a title loan is the best option for you.

Loan Calculator

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Title Loan Calculator Instructions

The auto title loan calculator is simple to use and understand. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. In the “Loan Amount” area, enter the amount of the car title loan. This is the loan amount you’d like to take out.
  2. Choose the number of months you want your loan to last.
  3. Choose an annual rate of interest
  4. Select payment method (start or end of period)
  5. To see the results of the automobile title loan calculator, click “Calculate Loan.”
  6. You may clear and restart as many times as you like.
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The title loan calculator has no limit on how many times it can be used. To compare different title loan installments and schedules, adjust the figures as many times as necessary.

Benefits of using the Car Title Loan Calculator

Getting information online from the comfort of your own home is not only handy but also necessary in today’s world. When you can acquire a price and estimate online, why go to a lender? It also saves time and effort, and it may be accomplished at any time of day or night.

The opportunity to compare alternative loan amounts and conditions and examine the differences is one of the advantages of utilizing the car title loan calculator. This allows you to tailor your loan to your specific requirements. This is especially true when getting ready for an entirely online title loan.

1. Calculate and Compare Loan Terms and Effects

The option to modify the loan length and compare different monthly payments as well as total loan costs for different car title loans is one of the key advantages of using the car title loan calculator.

It’s simple to do; simply alter the months and see what happens. This shows you how much your monthly payment will drop as the loan term lengthens, as well as how much the overall loan cost will rise.

As the loan period lengthens, the costs become excessive; being able to witness this firsthand is critical.

2. Optimize your Loan Amount and Term

The opportunity to optimize your loan is one of the most significant advantages of using the title loan calculator. Unlike other calculators that merely tell you how much your car is worth, ours shows you the exact cost of various loan amounts and terms.

Use this information to determine the finest auto title loan near you for your circumstances and to optimize your loan amount. Use a real valuation tool like Kelley Blue Book, NADA, or anything similar to get an exact value for your vehicle.

Some borrowers make the mistake of focusing just on the monthly payment of their title loan without considering the total loan cost. While extending the loan period may lower the monthly payment, make sure the total loan costs do not increase excessively.

3. Compare with other Lenders

This is easier said than done, but the time it takes to observe the difference is well worth it. To compare rates, enter any lender’s rate in the “Competitor’s Monthly Rate” box. This will calculate a payment based on their interest rate.

How do I know what Interest Rate to Compare?

This is an excellent question; if you don’t know the lender’s rate, phone them and inquire. If they refuse to tell you, go here to look up the legislation in your state.

The link will take you to a map and graph. Look up your state in the “Cost Limits” column to see what the maximum rate is.

This is the maximum permissible in your state and what many lenders charge. Some lenders charge less than the maximum rate; however, no lender is allowed to charge more.

We advise caution when taking out a title loan for more than 24 months. Total costs rise dramatically as the loan period lengthens.

If you can’t acquire a rate quote from the lender you’re comparing, you can utilize the state’s maximum rate. You could also inquire whether they have different pricing for different types of consumers.

Some lenders offer reduced rates, but they may come with conditions. It’s possible that you’ll need to “qualify” for the lower rate. The caveat is that if you don’t have strong credit, you’re unlikely to qualify for the rate; this is a bit perplexing because most title lenders utilize the value of your vehicle rather than your credit score to decide the loan amount.

4. Amortised Payment Schedule

The title loan calculator, as previously said, gives more than simply a payment estimate. It also calculates the whole re-payment schedule, which shows how each loan is amortized in real-time. The term “amortization” refers to the process of dividing a loan into equal monthly installments.

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This allows you to see a breakdown of each monthly payment into principal and interest. Keep in mind that depending on when you acquire the loan and when the first payment is due, the first month’s payment may be slightly different.

Before asking about a title loan, we offer customers the information they need to make an informed decision. Some businesses prefer that you come in and fill out all of the paperwork before they tell you how much the loan will cost. Before acquiring a car title loan, take your time and do some research. You’ll be happy you did.

Can I Pay My Car Title Loan Early?

Yes, you can in most cases, however it depends entirely on which lender you choose for your title loan (or title loans). The issue that may arise is that some title loan prepayment schemes may have a fee attached to them. Always check to see if there is a prepayment penalty on your title loan while looking at your payment options.

This penalty applies if you try to pay off your title loan early and it will increase the cost of the loan to the point where you will be unable to repay it. But how can you determine whether you’re attempting to pay off a title loan?

The title loan prepayment penalty can be triggered whenever you pay more on a monthly loan payment.

What are some possibilities for avoiding prepayment penalties on a title loan? Here are some helpful hints:

Avoid them at all costs: Many title loans may use title loan prepayment penalties when making loans, so investigating them online or researching their title loans is a good approach to prevent them in the first place.

Make contact with your lender: Always check with your lender to see if prepayment of your title loan is possible without incurring any fees.

Look for payment options that allow you to pay in advance: With so many title loan firms on the market, there are many lenders who don’t impose prepayment fees on title loans or even offer other payment options.

To answer the question, the answer is no! We do not impose prepayment penalties on title loans. In fact, we may be able to work with you on a payment plan for your title loan1. After reading this, you might want to look into our title loans.

How to Calculate an Early Payoff Date for Car Title Loans

These money-saving tips will quickly add up, allowing you to accelerate your payment plan while also benefiting your health, relationships, and overall well-being.

  1. Make sure you don’t miss any payment deadlines. When it comes to most loans, missing monthly payment deadlines might result in fees or penalties. Make reminders for yourself to pay on time. A fast episode of forgetfulness can result in extra dollars to pay for the next month in the form of penalties, so please set reminders for yourself to pay on time. Set up automatic payments with your bank and lender to ensure that you never miss a payment deadline. What if you don’t have a bank account? No worries – setting a recurring alert on your phone or marking all deadlines in your daily plan ahead of time can help you remember to pay your bill.
  2. At the very least, save aside a small amount each month to cover one extra payment per year. If rounding up the total or earning more money isn’t an option, you can simply save whatever you can each month until the conclusion of the first payment year to make a thirteenth-month payment. Instead of spending that considerable amount of money on non-essentials, you can use your scheduled job bonus or even tax return money for this.
  3. Make sure you’re up to current on your payback date recalculations. Nothing will encourage you more than seeing how quickly you can advance your last payment each time you add a small amount to your monthly obligations. Make a monthly calculation once you’ve revised your payment schedule so you’ll always know when your “new” last payment date is. The fact that your last payment month is moving backward might undoubtedly push you to find new ways to make money or even to take your new frugal lifestyle to the next level.
  4. Keep track of your progress with an accountability partner. If you believe there will be instances when you will fall behind on your payments, tell someone you can trust about your goals to pay off your debt sooner. By having a partner who will point out that the afternoon gelato you’re eyeing isn’t a required expense, you can ensure that you don’t spend additional dollars on unneeded stuff. Having someone “on your watch” can help you keep to your guns a lot more!
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How to Pay Off Title Loans

Mail: You can mail your monthly payment using certified funds or a check. Make sure you allow enough time for the mail to arrive so that it does not count as a late payment!

Phone: You can also make your monthly payment by phone using a credit or debit card. You won’t have to worry about fraud because we use a private and secure system.

Automatic Payments: You can set up automated electronic payments to withdraw your monthly payment every month around the due date using your bank account and our online payment account. You won’t miss a monthly payment this way, and you won’t have to worry about logging in every time you need to make a payment.

Online: If you’re hesitant about automated payments, you can still make monthly payments using your online account. You simply log on once a month when you’re ready to pay and select your checking account as your payment method.

Mobile App: Make sure you download the app once you apply for title loans. When it comes to keeping track of your monthly payments, seeing your statement, and checking how much money you owe over time, it will be really useful. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just relaxing at home, you can pay your monthly payment on the move. There’s no need to turn on your computer or laptop!

How to Lower Your Title Loan Monthly Payment

Car title loans are often short-term loans that take anything from a few months to two years to fully repay. Although this is significantly less time-consuming than a typical home mortgage or student loan (which can take many individuals several years to pay off), it will still necessitate some budgeting and preparation to be completed successfully and on schedule.

It is recommended that you investigate strategies to reduce your title loan monthly payments to relieve yourself of the stress of long-term budgeting. Just because you’ve committed to a certain amount for a certain number of years doesn’t imply you have to see it through to the end, no more and no less. You can, in fact, do something about it. Demonstrating that you are committed to meeting your responsibilities will not only help you to do so properly, but it will also work in your favor because it will put you in a better light with lenders.

Speak with your loan officer: Do not hesitate to contact your loan officer to discuss ways to reduce your monthly loan payments. Just because you have a price schedule to adhere to doesn’t imply you can’t think about different options for your specific scenario.

Use unexpected cash wisely: You could be fortunate enough to come into some extra money during the payback period that you might put toward your monthly loan installments. These small strokes of luck can come in the shape of a job performance bonus, an unexpected financial gift from your adoring grandparents, a cash dividend from one of your investment instruments, a tidy commission on a sale you’ve made, and so on. Instead of letting it lie in your account, you can use some of it to repay your loan.

Adjust your lifestyle for the meantime: Cutting back on your costs is a great method to save a significant amount of money that can be used to pay off your loan. Try:

  • Choosing to eat home-cooked meals rather than going out to eat
  • Your gym membership and magazine subscriptions will be suspended.
  • I’m going on a shopping ban for clothes, makeup, accessories, and shoes.
  • Increasing your awareness of your utility usage (water, electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Instead of getting up with pals at the bar, having movie evenings at home

Make good use of our title loan calculator to get accurate repayment schedules for your loan.

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