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Regarding RG Insurance

In collaboration with Nationwide Insurance, RG Insurance established its first satellite office in Baltimore City in 2001. This cooperation turned out to be very fruitful and prepared the ground for RG’s rapid expansion via market penetration and diversification.

RG Insurance is one of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s fastest growing insurance companies after opening 6 office sites and completing 7 agency acquisitions.

RG Insurance is now a market leader in the insurance brokerage sector, representing a number of the best insurance providers and offering top-tier expert insurance services.


We prioritize customer happiness when it comes to the insurance experience since we are a service-first organization. Our devoted staff is here to assist you with any questions you may have about a new or current policy or assistance with a claim. You can always count on us for prompt, courteous service.

We Provide:

Options for Personal Insurance

Options for Commercial Insurance

Financial Preparation

employee advantages

Title & Tag

Financial Preparation

Our Guarantee:

delivering a high level of service in our areas of expertise, such as asset management and financial insurance solutions for debt cancellation, income planning, and estate succession, while acting with a fiduciary standard of care.

We guarantee to help our customers identify a competent professional to take care of their requirements in those situations when we are unable to provide expert level guidance.

These contain legal documentation and tax guidance, among other things. Never will payment or referral fees be taken in exchange for this support.


The greatest degree of care for dealing with clients is known as the fiduciary standard.

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According to the CFP® board website, the Rules of Conduct mandate that CFP® practitioners always work in their customers’ best interests and offer financial planning services as a “fiduciary”—putting their clients’ interests before their own.

All customer interactions at RG Insurance must meet this criteria.

Product and planning solutions are evaluated again at each review and held to this level throughout deployment. With the help of this standard of care and supervision methods, we are able to build trusting, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Employee Advantages


The Employee Benefits branch of RG Insurance can assist you with streamlining employee benefits for both big and small organizations.

Our professionals are committed to provide unmatched service, tight cost management, and the greatest experience for your workers and their families. 


Detailed Group Medical Market Analysis

Association health plans, in-state and out-of-state insurance providers, stop-loss policies that guard your company against catastrophic claims, third party administrators, and group captive insurers are all things we continually assess.

Negotiations for the renewal of group health insurance

Benefit from our strong provider relationships. Working with carriers that are currently in operation, we’ll find the best deal for your company. To establish what the renewal rates need to be and if a renewal offer is reasonable, we’ll also examine the claims statistics that are now accessible.

You don’t need to be concerned that one slip-up will cause you to lose compliance. Every day, we put a lot of effort into informing companies via compliance alerts, newsletters, and online tools. We’re happy to provide ERISA reporting and pay or play computations as well.

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Financial Security for Employees

To make sure you choose a reputable carrier and a plan that really suits the requirements of your workers, we thoroughly research all carriers and plans.

Innovative Plan Support

We’ll walk you through your financing choices, which include self-funding, level funding with set monthly payments, captive group insurance plans, defined contribution plans, and private insurance marketplaces.


Where is the corporate office of RG Insurance?

The headquarters of RG Insurance are in Rockville, Maryland, in the US.

Who are the rivals of RG Insurance?

Ando Insurance, Ashland Insurance, and Elliott Insurance Services are potential rivals and alternatives to RG Insurance.

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