Motorcycle Insurance Tenerife – Check Price Online

Motorcycle Insurance Tenerife

This post is about Motorcycle Insurance Tenerife and how to Check Prices Online. You’ll also know what motorcycle insurance has to offer and the main insurance coverages for motorcycles.


What does the Motorcycle Insurance Tenerife by Euroteide Seguros offer?

Euroteide Seguros (Insurance Brokers and Consultants) recommends motorcycle insurance that provides basic and essential coverage that can be expanded to meet your specific needs. This insurance, in addition to the mandatory civil responsibility, provides guarantees such as voluntary civil liability, the insured’s criminal defense, and fine management, making it the finest alternative for insuring your motorcycle or scooter.

Main insurance coverages for motorcycles

Civil liability, legal defense, and damage claim

The payment of compensations resulting from the mandatory civil liability created by law as a result of material and personal losses caused to third parties by the covered motorcycle is guaranteed by motorcycle insurance.

Furthermore, Voluntary liability coverage is included, which means that if the compensation exceeds the legal maximum limit in the required civil liability coverage, we will offer you additional capital of up to € 50 million.

This insurance also covers the legal defense costs associated with legal proceedings and damage claims in which the insured driver may be involved as a result of a traffic collision involving the insured vehicle.


Lawyers, judicial expenses and criminal bails

This guarantee covers legal fees incurred as a result of an accident up to 1.500 euros for external lawyers and 6.000 euros for lawyers engaged via Plus Ultra Seguros.

Claim for damages caused by a third party

As long as the claim is legitimate, our motorcycle insurance covers the claim for losses caused by the insured, driver, owner, and occupants.

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Advance of the compensation

This Motorcycle Insurance provides you with the option of collecting a payment in advance for any damages you may have incurred as a result of an accident.

Management and processing complaints and administrative appeals

They guarantee coverage for the management and processing of fines and discharges resulting from violations of the Traffic Law by the insured vehicle’s driver.

Motorcycle Insurance in Tenerife Benefits

  • Wide and maximum coverage
    We ensure that both compulsory and voluntary civil liabilities are covered, so enhancing the legal protection.
  • Additional guarantees
    Motorcycle Insurance comes with a variety of additional assurances that allow you to tailor the package to your specific needs.
  • We protect you and your motorcycle
    Select whether you want additional protection for both the driver and the passengers. You can also include theft, fire, and self-inflicted damages.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Motorcycle Insurance Tenerife

For whom is this insurance designed?

Our Motorcycle Insurance is designed for those who own or operate a motorcycle or scooter and are searching for a comprehensive policy at a reasonable price. Furthermore, with its custom-made extensions, it adapts to each individual’s needs. We have the right choice for you, whether you want maximum protection for the driver or broad coverage for damage to your motorcycle or scooter.


What is defense in administrative traffic offenses?

Administrative traffic offense defense is a one-of-a-kind service in which we handle the management and processing of administrative appeals for fines and penalties you may have incurred.

How can I complement my Insurance?

Two optional guarantees can be added to your insurance policy. The first is personal injury protection, which covers any injuries that the motorbike driver or his passenger may sustain. The second complementary guarantee safeguards your motorcycle against incidents such as theft or damage sustained as a result of an accident. Euroteide Insurance is a good place to start for further information (Insurance Brokers and Consultants).

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