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Polish and Slavic Login: Polish and Slavic is a proud partner with Credit Union Student Choice offering members a valuable student lending solution.

Benefits of Polish and Slavic Login

  • Get up-to-date information on your account balances, including loans and PSFCU credit cards.
  • Information about loan repayment
  • Making payments on a loan and a credit card
  • Transaction history for the previous 48 months in detail
  • Online funds, both one-time and recurring request a domestic or international wire transfer between your PSFCU accounts, to other PSFCU members, and to your accounts at other financial institutions inside the United States (A2A).
  • E-statements and forms, such as loan statements and tax forms, are sent to clients electronically.
  • Images can be checked online.
  • Payment of Bills Online
  • Requests for payment to be halted
  • Export functionality to your personal financial apps such as Quicken, Ms Money OFX, Excel, and Quicken
  • Access PSFCU Mobile Banking
  • Online Banking for Minors with some restrictions

Polish and Slavic Login Enrollment Requirements

  • PSFCU requires every online banking user to have an e-mail address on file.
  • Please call PSFCU at 1.855.PSFCU.4U if you do not have an e-mail address on file.
  • In order to enroll and receive access to online banking, users will be asked to provide personal information such as their Social Security number or a Unique ID.

Polish and Slavic Login & Registration

  • Visit the polish and Slavic official webpage and click the orange Online Banking button on the top right side of the header.
  • Click Register
  • You will need to enter the following information
    • Are you enrolling a business account?
      • If no, then continue to the next question
      • If yes, please go to “How do I set up Online Banking for Business Accounts?
    • Social Security Number (SSN)
      • If you don’t have an SSN, go to “How do I set up Online Banking for Non-Resident Alien Members without SSN or TIN?”.
    • Your account Number
    • Birthday
    • Last Name (If the last name is hyphenated, the name must be written as it is on file. For Example, Ben-Johnson must register with both names including the hyphen)
    • First name
    • Select Continue
    • The system may require the following additional information to verify your identity:
      • “At what branch did you create or register your account No. xxxxxxx?”
        • If you make a mistake in the branch selected, you will get an error message Branch is not valid
      • The system will then verify if the email address matches the one on file
        • If correct, select Continue
      • Supply answers to additional security questions selected from the dropdown list
        • If your response to any question is incorrect, the system will populate an error box, “The information you entered does not match our records. Please verify your information.”
      • Select Continue
      • Enter new username as follows:polish and slavic login username
      • Enter a new password to be used for future access, as follows:polish and slavic login password
      • For enhanced security, enter a Security Phrase, select an Image and provide answers to 3 security questions chosen from a dropdown list, and select Continue:polish and slavic login security
      • Review the accuracy of the following data
        • Username
        • Security Phrase
        • Security Image
        • Primary email address
        • The primary phone number listed on the account
        • Online Banking Terms and Conditions
  • Accept First-time Terms and Conditions
  • Click Confirm and Enroll
  • An email will be sent to the email address on file with a link to finalize enrollment
  • Login to your email and click on the link provided in an email message sent from contact@psfcu.net
  • Enter your username
  • Answer security question
  • Enter your password
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Your account is now fully set up and you may start using your new Online Banking.

How to set up Online Banking for Non-Resident Alien Members without an SSN or TIN?

  • Non Resident Aliens will need to click the button: Don’t Have a SS number? Click Herepolish and slavic login
    • Member will be asked to provide the account number and last 5 digits of a government-issued ID PSFCU has on file for the member
    • After the member correctly provides the required information, the system will generate a  unique ID number that he/she will be prompted to input at the initial login.

Customers will need to copy the unique ID from the pop-up window and paste it into the main registration window’s Social Security Window field.

Registration for members without an email address on the account

  • If you do not have an email you will need to contact PSFCU to update personal information on file.
  • Once the email is updated, members will be able to register for online banking.

How to set up Online Banking for Business Accounts?

You must complete a one-time enrollment registration process to register your business account for PSFCU Online Banking. You will be required to give the following details:

  • Access the PSFCU internet Banking via PSFCU website www.psfcu.com
  • If you don’t have a PSFCU Online account yet, select Register
  • You will need the following information
    • Are you enrolling a business account?
      • Toggle the switch to green
    • What is your TIN (Social Security Number or EIN)?
    • What is your Account Number?
  • After that, follow the registration process same as detailed above for regular accounts
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I forgot my Login Details, What Can I do?

What if I forgot my Username?

  • Select I forgot my username
  • You will be asked to verify your Social Security Number and account number
  • Select Continue
  • Confirm the branch you opened the account
  • Answer one security/challenge question
  • If your response is correct, you will receive an email with your username


What if I forget my password?

  • Enter your username and click Continue
  • Click I forgot it below the space meant for the Password
  • Then verify your Social Security Number and account number
  • Select Continue
  • Confirm the branch you opened the account
  • Answer the challenge question
  • If you got it right, you will receive an email link through which you will be able to reset the password at first logon


How do I change my Password?

  • You can change your Password anytime within the Login Settings and Password section of Online Banking.
  • Type in the Current Password, New Password, and then retype it in the Confirm Password field.

Is Polish and Slavic Login Secure?

  • All data is encrypted
  • After the initial log-on authentication, the system requires an extra security feature, you need to change the system-generated password to one selected by you.
  • NOTE: you should always keep your password strong and confidential and change it frequently.

Polish and Slavic Login Customer Care

If you have any questions about Polish and Slavic login or PSFCU online banking service you may also call 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848) or visit any of their locations here.

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